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This week`s Torah chapter is Vaera

This Friday, January 24 Mincha will be at 4:40 PM

Candle lighting will be at 4:37 PM

Kiddush sponsorship for this week is available sponsor Kiddush

Mincha on Shabbos, January 25 will be at 4:30 PM

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Maariv will be at 5:38 PM

Shabbos ends at 5:48 PM
Weekly Torah
HaShem tells Moshe to inform Jewish People that He is going to take them out of Egypt, however the Jewish People do not listen. HaShem then commands Moshe to go to Pharaoh and ask him to free the Jewish People. Although Aharon shows Pharaoh a sign by turning a staff into a snake, Pharaoh`s magicians copy the sign, emboldening Pharaoh to refuse the request.

HaShem punishes the Egyptians and sends plagues of blood and frogs, but the magicians copy the miracles on a smaller scale, again encouraging Pharaoh not to grant Moshe`s request.

However, after the plague of lice, even Pharaoh`s magicians concede that only the one true G-d could be performing these miracles. Only the Egyptians, and not the Jews in Goshen, suffer during the plagues.

The onslaught continues with wild animals, pestilence, boils and fiery hail. However, despite Moshe`s offers to end the plagues if Pharaoh will let the Jewish People leave Egypt, Pharaoh continues to harden his heart and refuses to let them go.

Sherry Dimarsky Memorial Lecture
Vladimir Roulla
January 25
Alexander Golber
January 25
Refael Gidon Shir
January 27
Akiva Tokarskiy
January 28
Zhenya Meyerson
January 29
Shimon Meyerson
January 30
Rina Bracha Vladimirskiy
January 30
Boris Maslovsky
January 31
Arye and Evelina Zaslavsky
January 29
Sherry Dimarsky
Sarah Chana bas Naftoli
January 26
Boris Levit
Boruch ben Betzalel
January 29
Shabbos Halacha

How To Hold the Havdala Cup (and Spices)

Hold the havdala wine (or other beverage) in right hand when saying the beverage blessing (then switch and hold the spices in the right hand for the spices blessing).