Mazel Tov to Leo Vilinsky on his engagement
to Anya Yevsievich from Milwaukee!

We wish Israel Gersten hatzlacha on his move to Atlanta!
Good luck and good news!

This week's Torah chapter is Masei
This Friday, July 25, 2014 Mincha will be at 8:00 PM
Candle lighting will be at 7:57 PM
9:00 AM Shacharis
This week's kidush is sponsored by the Stavnitser family in honor of Alla's birthday!
Pirkei Avos class by Rabbi Zusis at 6:45 PM
Daf Yomi at 6:45 PM
Mincha on Shabbos, July 26, 2014 will be at: 7:45 PM
Shabbos ends at: 9:16 PM

Sunday Shacharis 8:45 AM followed by Laws of Brochos by Rabbi Zusis followed by breakfast and by Laws of Ribis by Rabbi Dimarsky

Mobile Torah

Text in Russian and English,
Audio by Rabbi Zilber

Mazel Tov!


Alla Stavnitser
on their birthday!

Arkady and Lena Katz
on their wedding aniversary!

  Dear Friends,

As you all know, the situation in Eretz Yisrael is critical. We all feel a need to share both in the plight and the fight of our brothers in our land. Merely staying glued to the news does not address that need. There is something, however, that we can do.

To help us understand what that is, we will have a special address during Shalosh Seudos:
- Inroduction by Rabbi Dimarsky
- Remarks by Avraham Turetsky
- Shiur by Ilya Shulman

Please encourage everyone to attend (whether or not they typically come to Heritage for Seudas Shlishis).

Have a good Shabbos and may we only hear good news from Eretz Yisroel and everywhere.

Rabbi Dimarsky


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