This week is Shabbos Nachamu. Parshas Vaeschonon.
This Friday, August 8, 2014 Mincha will be at 7:45 PM
Candle lighting will be at 7:41 PM
9:00 AM Shacharis
Kiddush this week is sponsored by Rita Leshinsky, Gershon & Natasha Vladimirskiy, and Avraham & Elisheva Vladimirskiy, in memory of their mother and grandmother, ILLYA BAS GERSHON, on the occasion of her yahrtzeit.
Pirkei Avos class by Rabbi Zusis at 6:30 PM
Mincha on Shabbos, August 9, 2014 will be at: 7:00 PM
Ilya Shulman will speak at Shalosh Seudos to cover Rambam with the Lechem Mishna and Gur Aryeh's (a.k.a. the Maharal's) incisive critique of the Mizrachi as the conclusion of our learning program.
Shabbos ends at: 8:59 PM

Shacharis 8:45 AM followed by Laws of Brochos by Rabbi Zusis followed by breakfast and by Laws of Ribis by Rabbi Dimarsky

Movie in the Park at Chippewa Park. Tuesday, August 12, starting 7 PM enjoy FREE face painting, baloon twisters, pizza and ice cream followed by the movie Despicable Me 2. Event is underwritten by Senator Ira and Alderman Debra Silverstein.
Mobile Torah

Text in Russian and English,
Audio by Rabbi Zilber

Mazel Tov!


Alex and Nik Turik,
Michael Khvilovsky

on their birthday!

Illya Leshchinskaya
August 9



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