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Shabbos Information
This week`s Torah chapter is Vaera

This Friday, January 12 Mincha will be at 4:30 PM

Candle lighting will be at 4:23 PM

Three-minute video from the Shmuz 
Parshat Vaera: The Measure of the Man


Kiddush sponsorship for this week is available

Mincha on Shabbos, January 13 will be at 4:15 PM

Shabbos ends at 5:34 PM
Quote of the Week

Bella Feinstein
January 11
Aron Stesel
January 11
Nava Indman
January 15
Ester Leah Volinsky
January 17
Avraham Yakov and Michelle Dimarsky
January 12
Sherry Dimarsky
Sarah Chana bas Naftoli
January 16
Smartphones and Kids: Harmful Effects and What to Do About It

From the folowing article:

The experience of using a smartphone, switching rapidly between many activities such as texting and using social media, is associated with lower levels of brain matter in teens’ anterior cingulate cortex, the region in our brains that is responsible for emotional processing and decision-making.

Smartphones and Kids: Harmful Effects and What to Do About It

Recent research on the impact of smartphones on children and how we can realistically protect them. 

by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller

On January 6, two of Apple’s biggest investors published an open letter calling on Apple and other high tech firms to do much more to protect the health of their youngest users. Citing studies showing that smartphones can have grave impacts on kids’ physical and mental well-being, the investors – California State Teachers’ Retirement System and JANA Partners LLC – have opened a major debate, asking tech companies to develop more controls on their products for their youngest users.

What is so bad about kids and smartphones? With more researchers look into the impact of smartphones and other technology on children, here are some recent results, as well as suggestions for what we can do when it comes to protecting kids from smartphone abuse.

Read the full article here...

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This week's Torah reading


HaShem tells Moshe that He is hardening Pharaoh's heart so that through miraculous plagues the world will know for all time that He is the one true G-d. Pharaoh is warned about the plague of locusts and is told how severe it will be. Pharaoh agrees to release only the men, but Moshe insists that everyone must go.

During the plague, Pharaoh calls for Moshe and Aharon to remove the locusts, and he admits that he has sinned. HaShem ends the plague but hardens Pharaoh's heart and again Pharaoh fails to free the Beney Yisrael. The country, except for the Jewish People, is then engulfed in a palpable darkness.

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